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Inner Core Power in Karate

Kanku Dai Leeman Bunkai

Kata, the foundational element of Karate, serves as the bedrock upon which the entire art is built. These choreographed sequences of movements are not mere rituals to be practiced mechanically; instead, they serve as repositories of martial principles, tactics, and strategies handed down through generations. The essence of bunkai lies in deciphering the enigma woven into each kata—extracting real-world applications from seemingly choreographed patterns. This process transforms kata from a mere routine into a dynamic tool for practical self-defense, promoting a deeper connection between traditional forms and modern combat scenarios.

Self defense applications for the Kata Kanku Dai Produced by Tom Leeman.

Videos of Hirokazu Kanazawa from 1968

These videos were shot in Freiburg in 1968 and made possible under the direction of H.D. Rauscher (Deutsches Karate-Do Archiv).

Kumite Combinations

Hirokazu Kanazawa (jap. 金澤 弘和, Kanazawa Hirokazu; b. May 3, 1931 in Iwate Prefecture, Japan; † December 8, 2019) was one of the most distinguished karate masters of the present day. He was a holder of the 10th dan. In 2012 he was awarded the honorary title of Meijin, making him the only living title holder of the highest honors in Budō at the time. He was one of the last active masters to train with the legendary Shōtōkan founder Funakoshi Gichin.

Basic Karate Techniques