Demonstration Videos

  • Bassai Dai (Shotokan-Shito)
    This is a very interesting kata demonstration of the old kata Bassai Dai
  • Born Fighter
    This is a promotion video of Dave Hazard – not bad.
  • Budo breathing
    Sensei Naka demonstrates the difference between sport und budo karate in relation to breathing and standing position.
  • Bunkai Play
    Sensei Angel Lemus works with Sensei Jorge DeLa Parra on a variety of common applications found in Kata.
  • Center and Relax with Core Movement
    Learn the tiny secrets behind the obvious visuals body signs.
  • Defense Against Holds
    Sensei Geiger shows self defense techniques in different standing hold situations.
  • Goshin Waza in Karate
    Demonstration of additional goshin techniques in karate self defense.
  • Hakko-Ken by Kojo-Ryu
    One Minute Bunkai:Hakko-Ken is the first of the three old “Animal” family Kata adopted by the famous Kojo Family of Okinawa. Hakko-Ken means “White Tiger-Fist”.
  • Joint Locks in Karate
    The tutorial also covers counters and reversals to these grappling techniques.
  • Kagawa Keri Waza
    Sensei Kagawa is renowned for his extraordinary keri wazas
  • Kanku Dai Leeman Bunkai
    Kata, the foundational element of Karate, serves as the bedrock upon which the entire art is built.
  • Karate by Jean François
    Sensei Jean François demonstrates a variety of bunkai techniques
  • Karate Concepts by Sensei Guy Brodeur 7th Dan
    Basic concepts found in Karate, demonstarted by Guy Bordeur.
  • Karate Demonstration
    Karate demonstration with Didier Lupo 6th dan  and Nazih Asloun 4th dan.
  • Karate Jutsu
    Lionel Froidure teaching concepts about Karate Jutsu and Self Defense against punches, kicks, grabs, surroundings and weapons (this is a promotion video).
  • Karate Jutsu Demo at Bercy
    Traditional karate is one of the most efficient self-defense systems.
  • Karate Takedown
    Sensei Rick Hotton shows a sen-no-sen technique, how to react directly to an oi-zuki attack of an opponent.
  • Kata Chinto Application
    Chintō is an advanced kata practiced in many styles of karate. According to legend, it is named after a stranded Chinese sailor.
  • Kata for Self Defense Intro by David Gimberline Shotoryu Goshinjutsu is a system of self defense based on the kata of Shotokan. Basic Premises: Traditional Karate is an art of self defense Historically karate was taught primarily through kata Therefore kata should teach self defense To be of practical value, the primary defenses should be against the most likely attacks. Evaluating ...
  • Keiji Tomiyama
    Sensei Keiji Tomiyama is one of the most senior Shito-Ryu Instructors in Europe.
  • Makiwara Training with Sensei Taira
    Taira Masaji Sensei of Jundokan, Okinawa demonstrates makiwara training for developing short punching power.
  • Never to old for Karate
    Sensei Koichi Oyama is 61 years old. He is demonstration powerful karate kicks.
  • Ogata sensei and Okuma sensei
    Ogata Sensei & Okuma Sensei demonstration in the JKA Norway's Autumn Gasshuku Norway Bergen 2009.
  • Okinawa Shorin-Ryu
    Sensei Onaga Yoshimitsu, 8. Dan from the Shorin-Ryu style is explaining the fundamentals of karate techniques and their meaning.
  • Old footage of Karate Self-Defense
    Old footage of Shotokan Karate Self-Defense featuring Master Nakayama, Master Nishiyama, and Master Kanazawa.
  • Ōyō Bunkai
    Ōyō Bunkai is the synthesis of the application of concrete techniques and strategies embedded in the kata.
  • Powerful Karate demonstration
    A powerful karate demonstration by renowned JKA instructors.
  • Secret of Tsuki
    Sensei Tatsuya Naka reveals his secrets about delivering almost invisible tsukis from a greater distance.
  • Self Defense by Sensei Hokama
    Sensei Hokama from the Goju-Ryu-Style demonstrates some defensive techniques.
  • Self-Defense by Shotokan JKA
    An old footage of sensei Nakayama and his most talented students, who are demonstrating simple self-defense.
  • Seminar with Sensei Bertel
    Sensei Andre Bertel is demonstrating the typical Asai karate style.
  • Sensei Ogura Yasunori
    A special technique demonstartion from Sensei Ogura Yasunori
  • Shihan Mabuni Kenei
    Shihan Mabuni Kenei performs different defense applications together with the Master Yoshiho Hirota.
  • Shito-Ryu-Masters
    Mabuni Kenei is a Japanese martial arts expert, holder of the 10th Dan.
  • Shuto Uke Hold
    Shihan Masaru Miura demonstrates a two step technique with a simple shuto uke in the manner of a sen no sen strategy.
  • Techniques of Sensei Kanazawa
    Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa and sensei Terry O'Neill with a personal demonstration around the 1980's.
  • Tekki Shodan Demo Sensei Emanuele Marcon with Sensei Enrico Pavan showing their interpretation of the kata Tekki Shodan. It shows clearly how different and flexible the possibilities can be of this kata, depending on the experiences of the participants. Deep Dive into Naihanchi/Tekki fo Shorin Ryu Karate
  • Training with Mabuni Kanei
    Mabuni Kanei (摩文仁 賢榮) teaching a clinic on Shito-ryu kata and application
  • Uechi-Ryu Karate
    Sensei Kiyohide Shinjo from Uechi-Ryu Karate.
  • Videos of Hirokazu Kanazawa from 1968
    View this two videos of Hirokazu Kanazawa (Kumite Combinations and Basic Karate Techniques) were shot in Freiburg Germany in the year 1968 .