Kihon Videos

  • Core Movements
    Sensei Rick Hotton is explaining the inflection of the center in fundamental technique.
  • Correct breathing and walking
    Sensei Inoue Yoshimi is explaining how to prevent bad sounds and stomping during practising karate.
  • Gedan Barai
    Gedan Barai one of the basic uke techniques in karate.
  • Gedan Barai with Bunkai
    Gedan Barai is one of the most misused techniques in Karate.
  • Ju Ukemi, Go Ukemi
    Ukemi the art of falling. Learn directly from Jesse these techniques of falling the right way.
  • Kakie in Okinawa Karate
    Kakie is a traditional form of Okinawan training similar to sticking hand practice from the Chinese Martial Arts such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu.
  • Kihon applications by Sensei Kato
    Sensei Sadashige Kato, demonstrates applications for soto uke, uchi uke and gedan barai.
  • Kime in Tsuki
    Soke Inoue Yoshimi explaining how to get kime in tsuki
  • Makiwara & Tameshiwari
    Old School Makiwara and Tameshiwari Karate Training a great clip.
  • Mastering Distance
    Determing the position and distance of your partner with tai sabaki support.
  • Moving through the center
    Creating an internal dynamic in basic karate technique, explaind by Sensei Rick Hotton.
  • Okinawa Shorin-Ryu
    Sensei Onaga Yoshimitsu, 8. Dan from the Shorin-Ryu style is explaining the fundamentals of karate techniques and their meaning.
  • Renzoku Waza
    Renzoku-waza means continuous techniques (combinations). These are very short forms, usually consisting of block-attacks taken from the kata.
  • Shuto Uke with Bunkai
    Karate movements have many hidden meanings that are not immediately visible to the untrained eye.
  • Tai Sabaki – Kawashi Shotokai
    Shotokai is the organisation formed originally in 1930 by Gichin Funakoshi to teach and spread the art of karate.
  • Traditional Defense in Sparring
    Traditional blocking simple and unconventional explained for kata bunkai applications movements.
  • Tuite Kata Guide
    This 13 step form develops joint/limb manipulation through leverage and balance control.
  • Uke = Receiving
    Sensei Jesse Enkamp explains the truth about “blocks” in Karate.
  • Zenkutsu Dachi
    Sensei Inoue Yshimi – Hip Joint Relaxation for Zenkutsu-dachi Stepping.