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Secret Karate

Back to the roots of karate in Okinawa. This report shows the original and pure Karate styles in the presence of Okinawa with their heritage. A human body becomes the ultimate destructive weapon with its mysterious divine techniques. Karate is a martial art far beyond your imagination. It can only be mastered with years of continuation and practice to reach the state of true self-consciousness.

Kakie in Okinawa Karate

Kakie is a traditional form of Okinawan training similar to sticking hand practice from the Chinese Martial Arts such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu. It is also a fundamental part of Tegumi or Okinawan wrestling.

The traditional method of training Kakie conditions the arms as well as teaching sensitivity, depending on whether the contact is heavy or light. With light contact you can sense the intent of your partner before he actually moves so you are immediately ready to counter his movement. A variation of the drill is to use one hand against your partner’s two hands and to practise with your eyes closed.

Differences between Karate in Okinawa & Japan

Karate is very different in Japan and Okinawa.

In this video you’ll learn 10 reasons – including Kobudo, bunkai, hojo undo (strength training) and self-defense. These are things I discovered at the birthplace of Karate.

Regardless of your style, it’s important to know the history and evolution of martial arts. Especially Karate, which came from China and made it all the way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“Those who don’t learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it…”

Presented by Jesse Enkamp