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Sochin Bunkai

This is a summary of some of the practical and effective applications within the kata Sochin. Kata is alway more interesting to practice when you actually know some realistic applications behind the techniques. We hope you can use these ideas in your own training and teaching and please subscribe to this channel for more exciting karate educational videos in the future.


When karate was introduced from Okinawa to mainland Japan, its curriculum was modified to be more suitable for teaching in large group settings. In the case of kata, explanation of the brutal self-defense applications behind the movements were mostly removed from the teaching. These applications have remained largely a secret to most karateka for nearly a century. To this day, most karateka have little or poor knowledge of the application of the kata they practice every week. In the last few decades, many dedicated karateka have begun to search deeper to understand these techniques and bring them back to the teaching curriculum. We owe these diligent individuals our gratitude for their hard work and perseverance in making this exciting and valuable knowledge available to the public.