Basic Bo Jutsu

The Bo was the master weapon in Okinawan, bigger, longer, better as the Sai or anything else. It was the equivalent of the Big Gun in any arsenal today. It is capable of incredible destruction of anything it touches.  Be aware that the initial strike to the center of his bo between the hands is not a “miss” of his hands, it is done intentionally to “miss the hands” because in this example we are not wanting to crush/destroy and/or separate fingers from hand. 

This technique shown here assumes a “kamae” or posture commonly seen in the Ufushiku style of Bojutsu, holding the Bo horizontally in front of you, which implies that it can be used to crush inwardly. This can be done with a broom handle, a stick, anything resembling a bo.  

This is a very basic block against a thrust attack to your lower leg. Often times confused against an attack to the mid to upper body. The important points here are that you are catching and lifting your opponent’s bo not just tapping or hitting it away from you. You need to connect and “adhere” to his Bo as you lift it in a large arc which will end up putting him in a very vulnerable position. This is a great technique to practice and begin to learn how you must maintain a constant rate of speed during these circular manipulations, because if you stop or pause, your opponent regains control of his Bo and could retaliate.

Doing weapons kata only is like studying the tip of the iceberg, where below the waterline lies the entirety of the iceberg unseen. This is the same with kobudo (weapons practice). Here are some drills and techniques that can be practice at a good intensity level while still maintaining a high level of safety.