Hakko-Ken by Kojo-Ryu

One Minute Bunkai:Hakko-Ken is the first of the three old “Animal” family Kata adopted by the famous Kojo Family of Okinawa. Hakko-Ken means “White Tiger-Fist”. This is a sequence from the Kata which emphasizes the “Jinpu Kamae” or “Tiger Posture” there is a primary bukai for Jinpu Kamae, in this case this is a variation that fits the Kata which is very effective and useful one. This Jinpu Kamae presents a well defended profile and it is all close-in fighting .

Kojo-Ryu Karate can be describe as “over-kill” for its emphasis has always been to “end the fight as fast as possible” thus you have to take away your opponents weapons, deny him of his foundation (balance) and break him down so that he will not be in any hurry to get up again. One effective aspect of this concept is taking away one or two of his hands thus when you drop him there is no chance to “break the fall” and the impact will be very hard on his body.