Kusanku (Shinjinbukan)

Kūsankū Dai – performed by Onaga Michiko Kanchō. Filmed at the 2005 Shinjinbukan Latvia Gasshuku. The roots of karate reach far back into the past, into the time of the Ryūkyū kingdom 500 years ago. At that time this secret martial art was called “Ti”. It was only accessible to selected circles and was passed on by masters over the generations. The Shinjinbukan School was founded on Okinawa (Japan) by Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō to preserve “Okinawa Ti”.

The masters of the “Ti” have experimented over the centuries to find out which techniques are the most effective, and then refined and perfected them. The result is the optimal utilization of the human body, i.e. the greatest possible efficiency in power transmission and stabilization. Those who master the techniques will not lose against a larger and stronger opponent.

And that is what this martial art is all about: not to lose. It is not about winning. In sporting competition there are winners and losers; there is a first, second and third place. In reality, however, there may not be a second place, so it is more important for survival “not to lose”.