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Basic Bo Jutsu

The Bo was the master weapon in Okinawan, bigger, longer, better as the Sai or anything else. It was the equivalent of the Big Gun in any arsenal today. It is capable of incredible destruction of anything it touches.  Be aware that the initial strike to the center of his bo between the hands is not a “miss” of his hands, it is done intentionally to “miss the hands” because in this example we are not wanting to crush/destroy and/or separate fingers from hand. 

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Heavy Duty Makiwara

Note: Makiwara training can be dangerous if undertaken incorrectly. Use only a properly built makiwara, performing all techniques under the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor.

“Makiwara training is essential because it develops your technique, your kime (focus). Through diligent practice on the makiwara you will learn how to transmit your full bodily force at the exact moment of impact, from your hand, into an object. Another important benefit is that such practice will forge a strong spirit.”¬†– Morio Higaonna, Hanshi