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Kusanku (Shinjinbukan)

Kūsankū Dai – performed by Onaga Michiko Kanchō. Filmed at the 2005 Shinjinbukan Latvia Gasshuku. The roots of karate reach far back into the past, into the time of the Ryūkyū kingdom 500 years ago. At that time this secret martial art was called “Ti”. It was only accessible to selected circles and was passed on by masters over the generations. The Shinjinbukan School was founded on Okinawa (Japan) by Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō to preserve “Okinawa Ti”.

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Bassai Dai (Shotokan-Shito)

This is a very interesting kata demonstration of the old kata Bassai Dai for Shotokan with the young girl Mahiro Takano and Shito-Ryu with Rika Usami. Both have a high level reached. We can see one karate family with her sisters, oss.