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Demonstration Unsu

Unsu (雲手), literally “cloud hands”, is the most advanced kata found in the Shotokan, Shito-Ryu and karate styles and is generally taught to karateka at the 3rd to 4th Dan. It contains many intricate hand techniques, such as the ippon-nukite (one finger strike) in the opening sequence. Unsu also contains a 360-degree spinning double-kick with a double-leg take down at the same time, landing on the floor face-down before continuing.

Unsu was created by Seisho Arakaki sometime around 1860-1870. Arakaki was a Japanese and Chinese language interpreter to the Shuri court, and a master of monk fist and white crane styles. It is somewhat a condensation of other katas (e.g., Bassai, Kanku, Jion, Empi, Jitte and Gankaku), hence it is essential to have mastered these before practicing Unsu.

Bubishi 36 sensitive vital Points

Presented by Helumt Kogel, 6. Dan Shotokan Renshi, 5. Dan Kobudo, 2. Dan Jujutsu. 36 effective sensitive points are described in Bubishi, the “Bible of Karate”.

Results on these points cause different effects. The points correspond to acupuncture points of Chinese medicine. From Bubishi exist different handwritten copies, mainly from Okinawa.

Shuto explained

One explanation for the use of the front (deflecting) hand in Shuto-uke and Shuto-uchi. Only one of many of the Kissaki-kai interpretations of functional Bunkai – Reality not Ritual. Explained by sensei Vince Morris.