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Bubishi 36 sensitive vital Points

Presented by Helumt Kogel, 6. Dan Shotokan Renshi, 5. Dan Kobudo, 2. Dan Jujutsu. 36 effective sensitive points are described in Bubishi, the “Bible of Karate”.

Results on these points cause different effects. The points correspond to acupuncture points of Chinese medicine. From Bubishi exist different handwritten copies, mainly from Okinawa.

Shuto explained

One explanation for the use of the front (deflecting) hand in Shuto-uke and Shuto-uchi. Only one of many of the Kissaki-kai interpretations of functional Bunkai – Reality not Ritual. Explained by sensei Vince Morris.

Omote, Ura, Honto

Karate Bunkai: 3 Levels of Kata Application called Omote, Ura and Honto.

The true meaning of many kata have been lost in Okinawa history, but through understanding the principles of self-defense we can better use kata in a real fight. In this video you will learn 3 types of bunkai: Omote (suitable for beginners), Ura (intermediate) and Honto (the real application).

These concepts can be applied to all martial arts that have forms, including Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Tang Soo Do. Presented by sensei Jesse Enkamp.