Jion Kata Bunkai

This is a summary of some of the practical and effective applications within the kata Jion. Kata is alway more interesting to practice when you actually know some realistic applications behind the techniques. In the last few decades, many dedicated karateka have begun to search deeper to understand these techniques and reintroduce them to the teaching curriculum. Sensei David Gimberline is presenting his bunkai knowledge about the kata Jion.

Jion – love and grace, temple sound

The Jion is a typical Shotokan kata and is unknown in most other ryu. The name Jion is identical with “Shaolin”. The second standby position Jiai no gamae is identical with the greeting that the Shaolin monks used among themselves. Since the kata has the same name, it is believed that it represents the fighting style of the monks and thus goes back to the origin of martial arts.

Jion in another translation means “love and grace”.

The kata is said to have a deep psychological meaning, and its proper execution is said to resemble the perfected maturity of a Buddha. Its practice conveys perfect harmony in movement, balance of mind, and leads to a direct, effective fighting style.

Through the syllable “Ji”, the Jion has a kinship with the kata Jitte and Ji’in, which today classifies it with the two in a kata group.

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